The Awesome YouTube Archive

Did you like a video? Youtube will delete it.


I got fed up with "This video is private" "This video is unavailable" in my playlists. Half of my old playlists are now forever gone. I had some storage left and started archiving all interesting channels.


It started simply with a cronjob running Youtube-DL. However that went obsolete and while the archive grew I switched to yt-dlp (a fork of Youtube-DL). But as channels grew and the archiving became slower a custom solution has been developed.


If you have any advice on how this platform can be improved or simply want a channel archived don't hesitate to contact me. Please do not scrape this website (it would be really inefficient), if you want to mirror some parts of it contact me first.

By the way, the original video browser still works over here. This is just a nicer frontend for that. Once the storage backend is overhauled that will also be gone.